Following on from the feel good factor of last year’s event, Liverpool Voices Festival, an interactive singing day led by industry professionals, will take place on Saturday May 18th.

This year the masterclasses will be led by Wayne EllingtonJuliet Russell, Matt Baker and Jennifer John. The venue is The Quaker Meeting House in Liverpool city centre.


10:00-11:20 – MATT BAKER: Interpretation through song – Musical Theatre

Matt will enable the group to bring a well known song to life by the gathered company of singers; finding a shared intention of the song to maximise on its impact to an audience. Who are we? Who are we signing to? What is the message we need to get across? What is our relationship with our listener – and how does all this affect the way we deliver the song together?

11:30-12:50 – WAYNE ELLINGTON: The Gospel Jazz and Classical Story – the fusion

Wayne’s unique way of constructing and fusing styles is legendary. His exploration of mind, ear, voice and sound connection will inspire you to think about singing in a very insightful way. By use of very creative warm-up exercises, his exploration of how to find specific sounds for a song and his knowledge of access to improvisation will make this master class extremely impactful and engaging.

14:00-15:20 – JENNIFER JOHN: Physicality in performance

When we think of singing and performance it is good to expand our awareness to the importance of using our whole bodies to support our singing practice. Posture, diction, breath support and physical alignment are all key to the foundations of making singing a robust and dependable experience as performers. It provides us with discipline and freedom in equal measure.

15:30-16:50 – JULIET RUSSELL: Play More. Explore

The human voice is incredibly versatile and this master class will explore a range of dynamic voice qualities to enhance vocal performance and emotional communication. Highly interactive, we will learn tricks of the trade from many of the greats and explore our own vocal potential through technique, exercises and song excerpts – putting everything we learn into practice.

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18th May




7 hours




Jennifer John, Juliet Russell, Matt Baker, Wayne Ellington


The Quaker Meeting House, 22 School Lane, Liverpool, L1 3BT


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