Jennifer John is committed to providing affordable training for singers at all levels of ability. In 2018, she piloted her first series of small singing groups in order to do this. The aim was to be able to provide a group service that also catered for participants’ individual needs, while costing a lot less than one-to-one vocal coaching.

“Singing is like most things. The more you do it, the easier it becomes. There is a familiarity in singing regularly with other people that increases confidence and a feeling of well-being among everyone involved. Unfortunately, a competitive culture has determined that we are much more self-critical when it comes to the sounds of our voices and that is a real shame, because, in my opinion, the joy of singing, far outweighs the judgement. My aim has always been to try and redress the balance by providing high quality, challenging and fun training in a safe and supportive environment.” – Jennifer John

Please find the latest training courses, aimed at adults aged 16 and above – everything from master-classes, small singing groups and sight singing for those wishing to improve their skills individually, within choirs and for session singing. The classes will be held in several venues in Liverpool city centre.

All classes are taught by industry professionals and are designed to fit around working life, with part-time evening, weekend, and daytime courses in a variety of musical styles and disciplines. The training caters for all levels, from beginners to advanced – and includes the opportunity to join some of the most exciting large scale singing events in Liverpool.

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