December: Thank you for an amazing 2018

Jennifer John has completed her first term as a lecturer at The Royal Northern College of Music.

The RNCM is a leading international conservatoire located in the heart of Manchester, with a reputation for attracting talented students, teachers, conductors and composers from all over the world.

“After having been invited to deliver a masterclass early in 2018 to the Pop Degree students at RNCM, Andy Stott head of the department offered me a part time position there. What an honour that was! I was asked to have a dual role; one as vocal coach to some of the 3rd and 4th year students and also to deliver advice and create opportunities for Professional Engagement. To be able to share my passion for creativity and my knowledge as a business woman with like minded students from all over the world was a dream job. As well as teaching them, I learned so much myself. I learned about their different approaches to music making and I also discovered a wealth of new music that they were listening to which was inspiring and very exciting. My ever expanding playlist is an eclectic mix of global heaven. Teaching is a privilege; one based on trust and resonance. To be able to impart knowledge that will assist another person getting closer to where they wish to be is amazing. I have no doubt that the successes of all of the students I had the good fortune to work with will be visible for all to see in the not too distant future.”

With a heavy heart Jennifer also bid farewell to Unilever Ltd where she had worked for 4 years with a group of scientist forming ‘Sunlight Unplugged’ a unique choir who went on to win a local (Liverpool) Choir competition. Thank you for an amazing 4 years all. Good luck to Amy Chalmers who will now take over as Choir leader. we hope you have as much fun as Jennifer has Amy, working with this special group of very lovely, talented and clever people.

To top of the year our wonderful singers performed a special Christmas Concert at the stunning Unitarian Church, Ullet Road, Aigburth, Liverpool. Church goers were treated to some traditional Christmas gems and a few modern classics where performed for the delighted congregation. Thank you for having us. We wish you a very happy New Year and look forward to many new and exciting projects in 2019.


November 2018: Holland and Barret and 100 Women’s Voices.

When the UK’s leading health retailer, “Holland and Barret” surprised 2000 of their delegates with a sensational Sense of Sound Singers flash-mob, they danced and sang along to a massive medley of contemporary pop songs. Thank you to Meet and Potato who decided we should be the company of choice to deliver the brief, for all your hard work and collaboration. We had a glorious time creating the medley and performing at The Echo Arena for all the Holland and Barrett CEO, Peter Aldis and all the staff.

Cheers to Health and happiness!

Since July Jennifer John Music and Blackburne House have been in partnership on a collaborative project 100 Women’s Voices. December saw the partnership realised in a spectacular mass community singing event.

As part of Vote 100 in recognition of 100 years since some women won the right to vote, JJM and Blackburne House engaged with a wide range of individual women, women’s organisations, charities and choirs across Merseyside to form a 100 strong choir as our tribute and respect to those who fought to have their voices heard.

The 100 Women’s Voices Choir had 6 rehearsals led by Jennifer John and Amy Chalmers. At the end of the 6 weeks they presented a beautiful concert at St George’s Hall. The choir where joined by spoken word artists Rochelle Ellis and Raven Rahda, local rising stars Daisy Gill and Chantel Coleman, incredible ukulele trio The Ukulala’s and the legendary multi-talented Eithne Browne. 

St George’s Hall’s glorious exterior was illuminated in rich Green and Purple light; The Suffragette colours.

Many concert goers were emotional as were the choir and organisers at JJM and Blackburne House.

We certainly look forward to more projects together in the New Year and want to send a huge ‘Thank you’ to everyone involved. From Blackburne House, to organisations and charities such as Amadudu, Hope Street Harmonies, Imagine Knowsley Bridge, James Sills, John Paul II Polish Saturday School in Liverpool, Kaboodle, Lipa Sixth Form, Liverpool Carers, Liverpool Domestic Abuse Service, Liverpool Gospel Choir, Liverpool Pride Volunteers, Liverpool Socialist Singers, MD Productions, Nugent Care, Refugee Women Connect, Royal Court Choir, The S Word Sisterhood, Wavertree Community Gospel Choir and WHISC.

“It was a real honour to be invited by Blackburn House to facilitate such a momentous concert. It reminded me why I do what I do because music and particularly singing has the power to unite people and give them a platform on which to express themselves in love and safety. The repertoire for 100 Women’s Voices was chosen with great consideration by Amy and myself and reflected the messages of support, unity and power which winning the vote gave to women. To say it was a celebration of our progression is an understatement. It was magnificent, moving and magical. We are planning more so there are very exciting times ahead”.

Jennifer John